"CPS has tested and certified Western Digital Corporation's cleanroom facilities. Their experience with cleanroom operations and protocols is critical to maintain stringent cleanliness requirements for ongoing production. They have experience with ISO 14644-1 certification as well as FED 209, providing great knowledge of both requirements. Their certification program assures that Western Digital Corporation meets and exceeds cleanliness requirements assisting in maintaining our high level of Quality Control."

Arne Hendrickson,
Director Facilities,
Western Digital Corporation
Certification Services Inc.,

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History of CPS Certification Incorporated

The seeds of CPS Certification Services, Inc. were planted in the early 1980's when Founder Stefan Hocom went to work for his father Dean Hocom in the clean manufacturing industry. Barely 14 years old, Stefan was introduced to his first cleanroom protocol course in general cleanroom practices and microcleaning. He was tasked with cleaning cleanroom environments in companies such as Seagate Technologies, Lockheed Martin and Stanford Research Institute. Although this service to his father's company was motivated by extra cash for a car when he turned 16, Stefan unknowingly was laying the foundation of a future career.

In 1994 Stefan established Contamination Prevention Services, Inc. This cleanroom microcleaning company found quick success in the Silicon Valley. Projects included ongoing microcleaning contracts, clean build projects, process equipment cleaning among many others. The company's success proliferated through the clean manufacturing industry. Hewlett Packard, Western Digital, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and Bayer Corporations were among the satisfied customers. The company grew larger as did the technical responsibilities. Testing and validation became part of the microcleaning package. Soon after that a consulting division was developed. To satisfy the obvious demand for cleanroom testing and consulting Stefan launched CPS Certification Services, Inc. in 2000.

Since January of 2000, CPS Certification Services, Inc. has enjoyed a very successful run. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to complex problems. We are grateful for our customers continued reliance upon our services.