"CPS has tested and certified Western Digital Corporation's cleanroom facilities. Their experience with cleanroom operations and protocols is critical to maintain stringent cleanliness requirements for ongoing production. They have experience with ISO 14644-1 certification as well as FED 209, providing great knowledge of both requirements. Their certification program assures that Western Digital Corporation meets and exceeds cleanliness requirements assisting in maintaining our high level of Quality Control."

Arne Hendrickson,
Director Facilities,
Western Digital Corporation
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Testing & Certification

Years of experience with cleanroom standards and practices, combined with state of the art test equipment, allows us to tackle nearly any project. Of course, not everyone is an expert in cleanroom testing and certification so we take strides to provide "user friendly" reporting methods for our customers.

Testing Services

  • Cleanroom Certification
  • Baseline Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Compressed Gases & CDA
  • Viable

Standards and Practices:

  • ISO 14644
  • ISO 8573
  • FED-STD 209E
  • IES-CC-RP-006.2
  • NSF-49

Testing capabilities include:

  • Airborne particle counting (classification testing)
  • Surface particle counting
  • HEPA filter leak test
  • HEPA filter velocity and uniformity
  • Differential pressure
  • Parallelism/Directional flow
  • Lighting
  • Noise (NC65)
  • Microbial testing (surface & air)
  • Analytical
  • CDA (clean dry air)
  • Laminar flow hood certification
  • Product testing