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Cleanroom Services

     Non- Viable Services

  • Cleanroom Testing and Certification

  • Particle Counts

  • Filter Challenging Leak Tests

  • Biological Safety Cabinets

  • Laminar Flow Work Benches

  • Pressurization

  • Temperature/Humidity

  • Air Balance/Velocity

  • Compressed dry air (CDA) 

  • Lighting Level

  • Sound Level

  • Parallelism Test

  • Enclosure Integrity Test

Viable Services


  • Viable environmental monitoring [EM] - samples both the air and surface for microbe enumeration and identification.

  • Compressed gas testing [compressed dry air (CDA) testing] – samples the compressed air for microbe enumeration and identification.




  • Trouble Shooting

  • Process Development

  • Specification Development

  • EM Planning

  • Cleanroom Personnel Training

  • Audits and Evaluations

  • Microcleaning programs

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