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CPS Certification Services is the premier cleanroom service provider to the clean manufacturing industry in the United States.


We are committed to the most stringent testing practices according IEST and ISO standards.


With decades of experience in cleanroom facilities, our knowledgeable technicians consistently provide clients with superior customer service.





CPS Certification Services, Inc. was established in 2000 to meet the ever increasing needs of the clean manufacturing industry. Our headquarters are located in Northern California and provide cleanroom services throughout the United States.

We are a full service cleanroom testing and consulting company. We provide non-viable and viable testing services for both cleanrooms and associated environments.  Our consulting services can provide your facility staff with the cleanroom solutions you are searching for.
Industries Served



As the clean manufacturing industry has continued to grow, so has the diversity of our clientele. Here is a list of the industries that we provide cleanroom services to.


"CPS Certification Services customer service is exemplary! Their demonstrated flexibility in meeting their customers requirements is truly outstanding"

Terry Lahn,
Vice President
Cleanroom Support Services

Prudential Overall Supply

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